'CMRS', Cementitious Materials Registration Scheme

Note:  This 2nd party registration scheme is administered by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) on behalf of ATIC, and will be replaced by an ATIC 3rd party certification public scheme shortly. The Registered Products List is updated quarterly or earlier if required. Verification sample testing is available as is advice on taking cement samples.


'ATIC Suite of Schemes'

- 'ATIC Scheme 10' (2014) - Requirements for bodies certifying manufacturers of structural steel products

- 'ATIC Scheme 10', Ed 2 (2019) - Structural Steel Products - Conformity Assessment

- 'ATIC Scheme 21' (2019) - Mechanical Fasteners - Conformity Assessment


Other schemes in preparation include:

- 'ATIC Scheme 11' - Reinforcing Steel

- 'ATIC Scheme 12' - Cementitious Materials for Concrete

- 'ATIC Scheme 22' - Execution of Steelwork