WS-SPEC : 2000

SP (Strategic Product) SECTIONS TR (Technical Requirements) SECTIONS
Section SP1     Steel Pipes and Fittings
Section SP2     Ductile Iron Pipes and Fittings
Section SP3     Grey (Cast) Iron Fittings
Section SP4     PVC Pipes and Fittings
Section SP5     GRP Pipes and Fittings
Section SP6     Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings
Section SP7     Vitrified Clay Pipes and Fittings
Section SP8     Concrete Pipes
Section SP9     Maintenance Holes Precast Concrete
Section SP10    Concrete Drainage Pipes, Pits and Headwalls
Section SP11    FRC Pipes and Fittings
Section SP12    ABS Pipes and Fittings
Section SP13    Maintenance Holes Plastics
Section SP14    Maintenance Shafts
Section SP15    Elastomeric Seals
Section SP19    Couplings Mechanical Non-restrained
Section SP20    Sluice Valves Metal Seated
Section SP21    Sluice Valves Resilient Seated
Section SP22    Ball Valves
Section SP23    Knife Gate Valves
Section SP24    Butterfly Valves Waterworks Purposes
Section SP25    Non-return Valves
Section SP27    Air Valves
Section SP28    Spring Hydrant Valves
Section SP30    Protective Coatings for Valves
Section SP35    Water Meters Domestic
Section SP40    Steel Plate
Section SP44    Concrete Supply Standard Class
Section SP45    Concrete Supply Special Class
Section TR1     General Requirements
Section TR2     Site Preparation and Restoration
Section TR7     Earth works
Section TR10    Concrete Placement
Section TR12    Pipeline Excavation
Section TR13    Pipeline Installation Pressure
Section TR14    Pipeline Installation Non-pressure
Section TR20    Protective Coatings
Section TR21    Steel Reservoir Coatings
Section TR30    Stainless Steel