WS-SPEC Project Specifics

SP (Strategic Product) SECTIONS TR (Technical Requirements) SECTIONS
Section SP1,     Clause 5.4
Section SP2,     Clause 5.3
Section SP3,     Clause 5.3
Section SP4,     Clause 5.3
Section SP5,     Clause 5.3
Section SP6,     Clause 5.3
Section SP7,     Clause 5.3
Section SP8,     Clause 5.3
Section SP9,     Clause 5.3
Section SP10,    Clause 5.3
Section SP11,    Clause 5.3
Section SP12,    Clause 5.3
Section SP13,    Clause 5.3
Section SP14,    Clause 5.2
Section SP15,    Clause 5.3
Section SP19,    Clause 5.3
Section SP20,    Clause 5.3
Section SP21,    Clause 5.3
Section SP22,    Clause 5.3 missing
Section SP23,    Clause 5.3
Section SP24,    Clause 5.4
Section SP25,    Clause 5.3
Section SP27,    Clause 5.3
Section SP28,    Clause 5.3
Section SP30,    Clause 7.2
Section SP35,    Clause 5.3
Section SP40,    Clause 5.2
Section SP44,    Clause 6.2
Section SP45,    Clause 6.2
Section TR1,     Clause 7.3
Section TR2,     Clause 7.3
Section TR7,     Clause 6.3
Section TR10,    Clause 9.2
Section TR12,    Clause 5.2
Section TR13,    Clause 6.3
Section TR14,    Clause 8.3
Section TR20,    Clause 7.3
Section TR21,    Clause 7.4
Section TR30,    Clause 6.2

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